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I love the synchronicity of your messages. I needed to read this one, today.

Thanks for sharing, Sean🙏

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In twenty years with the course,and John Sherman also this post has taught me more then anything I’ve ever seen. I’m just hearing now. Thank Sean.

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I like it, well written, keep them coming, it calls the tune

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Thank you for this Sean. For some reason it brought me to think a lot about language.

I had not heard of John Sherman and there’s not a whole lot to be found out about him online. I downloaded Look at Yourself and I’m finding the language he uses to describe this process of awakening to who we are in truth very meaningful. It reminds me how powerful words can be. His ideas of course are not new, but they are expressed in a way I really connect with - cogent, authentic, and best of all simple!

I’m reminded at the same time that language is so limiting when exploring the nature of reality, and Sherman touches on that as well: “One of the problems that come when we are trying to put words to it is that we try to project upon reality a personality, a personal identification…we anthropomorphize it, like we do everything.”

Powerful, inadequate. Language is what we have and ultimately it’s a beautiful thing. Though not Catholic, I visit a Catholic retreat center a couple of times a year in the Rio Grande Valley. They have an incredible library - thousands and thousands of books, written by thousands and thousands of philosophers, theologians, mystics etc. Billions and billions of different combinations of words all addressing the same thing - the nature of God (Reality). The first time I walked through that library I was in tears, overwhelmed by what all these books pointed to - our common, human yearning for God (Reality).

I enjoy and am grateful for your language, including especially your thoughts on the ACIM daily lessons - very helpful. I’m also grateful to be introduced to the new language (new to me!) of John Sherman. What an interesting life he’s had too. Peace!

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Tat tvam asi 🕉

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Thanks for reading & sharing, Jennifer 🙏🙏

~ Sean

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Yes! That is it!

The confirmation of the work - and the sureness of its success - across so many cultures and epochs calms me. When we "just sit there," we are never alone, but join with countless others all given to undoing fear and rediscovering love. One big family recovering its function.

Thank you Kirstie for being a friend and fellow traveler in stillness 🙏



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